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About Us

The Synodal Department for Church Charity and Social Ministry of the Russian Orthodox Church was established in 1991 and aimed at restoring social ministry on church, diocesan, monastic and parish levels for supporting unprotected members of the society – orphans, disabled, elderly and sick people, refugees, etc.

Department’s mission:

  • Coordination and assistance in the work of church social initiatives in all the dioceses;
  • Development and implementation of effective methods in helping all the categories of the needy with regard to historic and spiritual traditions of Orthodoxy;
  • Pooling of experience organization and church social workers training, and also organization of inter-confessional sharing of practice;
  • Organization of effective collaboration with all the government institutions on all the levels, and also with public and business organizations;
  • Sharing of ideas concerning one’s personal participation in acts of mercy, attracting attention to the needs of deprived people; involvement of a wider circle of people and organizations;
  • Creation of church volunteer movement of mercy;
  • Organization of the network of centers for pregnancy in crisis in the dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church;
  • Creation of church programs for attracting alms to church social projects.

Department’s program

Chairman of the Department


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