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The Synodal Department for Charity coordinates social ministry of the whole Russian Orthodox Church, encourages Church mass volunteer mercy movement. The Synodal Department helps unprotected members of the society: orphans; disabled people; lonely old people; sick people; drug and alcohol addicts; single mothers; homeless; people in emergency circumstances: victims of terrorism, natural disasters, armed conflicts.


Our projects:


Donation and Distribution Center for People in Need

It does not take much to help a pregnant woman who doesn’t have a baby carriage for an infant or the elderly who cannot leave their apartments because they lack winter footwear and warm clothing. These things would be helpful for them. The Russian Orthodox Church is ready to open donation centers in order to distribute items to the needy.


Help the Homeless to Survive

Many people in Russia happen to lose their housing. Some of them become victims of land fraud, others - because of getting prison terms; sometimes it’s the result of exceeding time limit of bank loans. Out-of-towners are not accepted into state asylums, at the same time, local authorities are not concerned about sending them to their hometowns. The Russian Orthodox Church intends to open a center of daytime care for the homeless, which is intended to solve these problems.


Help the Needy to Get Their Human Outlook Back

The Moscow homeless don’t have a chance to wash themselves, what deprives them of an opportunity to get the minimum help possible. The solution of the problem may consist in using mobile shower units which the Synodal Department for Charity can create with your help.

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