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Program of Department for Church Charity and Social Ministry
Moscow Patriarchate, Russian Orthodox Church


The Synodal Department’s mission consists of a combination of effective modern methods of charity and truly Christian ministry to neighbors. 

The goal of the Church Social establishments and all the charitable activities is showing of love, to all people, rendering assistance closer to God, restoration of God’s image in people, worn-out by austerity, sufferings, consequences of sins (both one’s own and of the whole society).

The goal of the Church Social Work is not to duplicate the system of state social institutions, but to help the state to improve it, to add the spirit of love, faith in action, sacrificial ministry to neighbors to the society: to offer new technologies, new forms of work. The Church should inspire the initiative of effective timely help which aims at returning a person to the society, letting him feel the joy of life.


Major goals

— Coordination and assistance in the work of Church social initiatives in all the dioceses.  

— Development and implementation of effective methods for helping all the categories of the needy, with regard to historic and spiritual traditions of Orthodoxy. 

— Organization of sharing experience and learning for Church social workers, sharing experience between confessions.

— Organization of effective collaboration with the state organization on all the levels, and also with public and business organizations.

— Share ideas concerning one’s personal participation in acts of mercy, attracting attention to the needs of deprived people; involvement of a wider circle of people and organizations.

— Creation of Church volunteer movement of mercy.

— Creation of Church programs for attracting alms to Church social projects.


In the area of general coordination:

— Interactive data base creation for the Russian Orthodox Church charity across all the Dioceses.

— Teaching workshops, conferences and meetings (including Internet conferences, Internet seminars and forums) which is intended to transmit experience.

— Systemic cooperation with state organizations on all the levels, which aims at making conditions for productive collaboration of the Church and state social institutions.

— Establishing cooperation with Ministry of Emergency Situations for prompt involvement of priests, sisters of mercy and volunteers in emergency circumstances.


In the area of social projects development locally:

— Social activity standards creation and maintenance; development and implementation of typical methods in social ministry; publication of methodological materials, providing the members of Church social work with methodological help.

— Harmonization of directions, terms, kinds of social activity in dioceses. 

— Creation of grants mechanisms for supporting existing successful initiatives. 

— Help in searching for a financial basis for launching new prospective social projects. 

— Help in solving juridical questions, connected with social activities. 

— Quality and efficiency control of charitable and social activities locally.


In the area of Church social programs organization:

— Studying experience of other charitable organizations such as «Karitas», etc.

— Program creation for Church Service of Mercy, its financing and functioning.

— The Society of Orthodox Doctors development, their involvement into Church and regional social projects. 

— Experience spreading of effective volunteer orthodox organizations in regions, the Church Commonwealth of Orthodox Volunteers creation.  

— Lobbying the laws favoring the development of orthodox charity.  


In the area of PR:

— Systematically informing the society about Church social activities with the use of the Internet and printed additions, also work with foreign mass media.

— Workshops, exhibitions, conferences, Internet resources, public actions and other organizations intended to encourage local support.

— Public significance growth of social ministry by means of social advertizing.

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